Nature Play



These sessions are suitable for primary school children and take place after school.

Children will participate in traditional forest school activities such as: shelter building, scavenger hunts, foraging, tea-making, rope games, safe fire-building, whittling, wood carving and nature games. Forest School is an innovative educational approach to learning through outdoor play. Learn more about forest school at the Irish Forest School Association website.

With a particular focus on play, Jennie uses imaginative games and storytelling in the sessions. Often there is a creative theme over a number of weeks.  Arts and crafts as well as movement games evolve from this theme.  There are many different sensory experiences for children to try out. 

In terms of holistic development, we understand that some children need a lot of movement while others benefit from more focused activities.  Our Nature Play sessions are designed with this in mind, to support a range of needs.  We encourage children to trust their own choices.  Whether a child likes to climb or craft, we aim to support them. In our experience this has fostered creative and resilient individuals. 

To facilitate the sessions effectively, the maximum group size is 12 participants and adult / child ratios are 1:6.  



Frequently Asked Questions

Parents and kids have all kinds of questions... what nature play involves, what to wear, and whether it is safe. Here are the most frequently asked questions and if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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