Terms & Conditions

Acknowledgement of risk

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you consent to your child taking part in Nature Play sessions by Root Children and confirm that you are the named child's parent or guardian. This is an insurance and Child Protection requirement.

You acknowledge and accept that sessions by Root Children include forest school activities and are run in a natural environment where there are varying and uneven surfaces which at times may contain sticks, rocks, stones, tree roots and other elements present in a natural environment.

You acknowledge and accept that events are subject to varying weather conditions and these factors carry an element of risk.

You acknowledge and accept that playing in the outdoors, primitive skills and bushcraft activities inherently involve a certain amount of risk, which serves a vital role in a child’s development. You acknowledge and accept that by its nature, bushcraft involves tool use, and though carefully monitored and risk / benefit assessed, some risk is inevitable. You acknowledge that cuts, grazes, burns, falls and injury can happen while your child is on a nature play/forest school course and accept that Jennie Casey (Root Children) will not be liable for such.

You give Jennie Casey (Root Children) permission to give first aid in accordance with her level of first aid training or to refer your child for medical treatment if necessary.



You acknowledge and accept that the activities involved in nature play / forest school, like many outdoor exploration type activities, require a moderate level of fitness and can be physically testing. You confirm that your child is in good health and you do not know of any medical condition your child suffers from which might have the effect of making it more likely that he/she will be involved in any incident which could result in injury to your child or others.

You confirm that your child is over the age of 4 and that date of birth information provided is accurate.


Camp places may not be switched with other children.

You acknowledge and accept that cancellations, for whatever reason, must be made prior to commencement of camp/term and will be subject to a forfeiture fee. We will take a 50% cancellation fee if we have less than three weeks advance notice, we will charge 75% of the fee if we have less than a weeks notice. People failing to arrive without prior notification are responsible for the entire cost of the booking. No refunds will be made once the camp has commenced.

You acknowledge and accept that although highly unlikely, we reserve the right to change or cancel any programme if deemed necessary. Should we cancel due to severe weather conditions and if it is deemed unsafe to go outside due to high winds, we will not offer a refund for the missed session.


COVID-19 & sickness

In the event of any child becoming unwell with suspected Covid-19 symptoms or otherwise unwell, the parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to collect the child immediately.

You acknowledge and accept that if a case of Covid-19 is confirmed, Jennie Casey (Root Children) will follow the latest HSE advice and all options will then be explored up to and including the camp being brought to an end prematurely. Should a session be cancelled or foreshortened due to illness, a pro rata refund will be available to attendees reflecting the days missed.


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